check_backuppc is a Nagios plugin for checking on the status of BackupPC backups.

backuppc@backup:~$ /usr/local/lib/nagios/plugins/check_backuppc -h
check_backuppc - 1.1.0
A Nagios plugin to check on BackupPC backup status.

  --hostname,-H      only check the specified host
  --exclude,-x       do not check the specified host
  --archive-only,-a  only check the archive hosts
  --backup-only,-b   only check the backup hosts
  --status-only,-s   only check backup status, omit connection failures that are
                     less than $Conf{FullPeriod} old
  --warning,-w       days old an errored host must be to cause a warning
  --critical,-c      number of days old an errored backup must be to be critical
  --reduce,-r        maximum number of failed hosts for severity reduction
  --verbose,-v       increase verbosity
  --version,-V       display plugin version
  --help,-h          display this message